Cadiz is beautiful port city located in south Spain on the Atlantic Ocean. Cadiz is very, very old, and that means it’s very rich in history and culture, with probably the best know carnival in the world. There is so many exciting attractions we can’t list them all, however, this is a wonderful country to visit, with beautiful scenery everywhere you look.

There are lots of pretty parks in Cadiz loaded with exotic species brought back by famous Spanish explorers and sailors from all parts of the world. Here you will find many interesting historical cathedrals, theatres, Roman walls and an enchanting Old Town just like it was centuries ago. The plazas in Old Town are must see attractions. Go to the Plaza de Mina and bring your camera.

The beaches, La Playa de la Caleta, especially, is a fun place to enjoy the warm weather and ocean. La Playa de la Victoria and La Playa de Santa are popular with visitors also.

The Carnival of Cadiz is fabulous! If you can come here during this wonderful festival you’ll have a great, fun experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you appreciate satire, and humor, music and play–then come for the fun!

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