Dodecanese Islands

Whitewashed walls, deep blue sky, olive groves, fig trees, azure Aegean waters…the heavenly Dodecanese Islands have all this and more. In this diverse group of islands you can experience the traditional life without the tourist trappings.

Dodecanese islands is perched on the easternmost edge of the Aegean, where ancient history jumps out at you at every turn.

When to Go: ¬†Between Easter and mid-June is possibly the best time of all: the weather is pleasantly warm but not too hot, beaches and ancient sites aren’t too crowded, public transport is close to full schedule, and accommodation is cheaper and easy to find. Between September (winding-down season) and the end of October conditions become ideal once more.

Islands in Dodecanese Islands

Kalymnos Island
Dodecanese Islands Vacations – Activities

Windsurfing, water-skiing, snorkeling, diving and swimming are the most interesting and famous activities. If you can drag yourself away from the beach, trekking , or simply wandering the pathways around islands, is another option – in the right season. Yachting is incredibly popular – the Aegean rivals the Caribbean for its perfect sailing conditions.

Dodecanese Islands Highlights

The old town of Rhodes with the castle of the Knights of Saint John and the Palace of the Grand Master.
Patmos, one of the key sites of Christianity.
The islands of Symi, Chalki, and Karpathos, for a peaceful and elegant hideaway.
The new resort hotels and the windsurfing beaches of Kos.
The Greek Easter celebrations in Kalymnos.

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