Some nine kilometers outside of Split to the northeast, situated at a height of 340 meters, lies the original preserved fortress of Kastel Klis. An important pass road ran through here from the fertile plains around Split to the mountainous hinterland. When the Turks conquered Bosnia and Herzegovina, the way to the Dalmatian coast was opened to them.

Despite bold resistance, strategically-important Klis could not be held: in 1537, the fortress fell into Ottoman hands, and a period of continuous plundering took place. Fortified castles were erected at many settlements to protect the populace and the harvests. These fortifications can be seen today on the so-called “Road of Castles”

Despite enormous effort, Venice could not recapture the fortress of Klis. It was only when the Turks withdrew from the Balkans entirely that Klis once again returned to Christian hands. Because the Venetians did not consider their position to be secure, they had the fortress further fortified. There is a magnificent view from the uppermost level.

The Mosor, a 25-kilometer-long mountain range, stretches from Klis to Cetina. Its peaks reach heights of up to 1,340 meters and offer clear views of the distance. The trails are clearly marked, and mountain buts are available to hikers in season.

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