Welcome to an exploration of Andorra from the most splendid of viewpoints: nature, mountains, rivers, pools, lakes, fountains, meadows, river-banks, the Romanesque and the heritage, to discover the essence of a mountain country far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Here you will find routes with a wide range of difficulties with something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a new sports experience, or you would just like to ramble around quietly and get to know our mountains and our heritage.

There are excursions and walks in every parish and at every time of year, some on foot and others by bicycle; there are long outings, enough in themselves to justify a trip to Andorra, and short walks, which can be the perfect complement to the other activities and visits on your schedule.

All the activities are explained, with details of altitudes, difficulties, approximate duration, and items of interest. Take a look through the guide, because you’re bound to find something of interest.

It also gives full details of mountain refuges, the main activity centres, and the facilities for all kinds of sports and, last but not least, a special section on hunting and fishing.

Andorra’s shopping is known all over the world. Everything is prepared to give the customer the leading role. The privileged tax system allows very competitive prices. Shopkeepers offer a very high level of professionalism to satisfy their customers’ needs.

At present the shops carry a great variety of offers and products in sectors such as jewelry, optical goods, sports gear, perfumes, electronic goods, models, foodstuffs and high quality clothes. The quality/price ratio is the distinguishing mark of Andorra with more than 4800 shops on its territory.

The long opening hours enable this aim to be completely attainable. The big stores do not close at midday or on holidays. On Sunday many shops open in the morning and most of them do not close in the afternoon.

The agreement with the European Union on customs allowances has enabled the quantity and value of products purchased in Andorra and imported into Union countries to be increased considerably.

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