Puntarenas Beaches

The busy port city of Puntarenas is the ideal starting point for trips to the tropical rain forest region of Monteverde and to the beaches of the southern Nicoya Peninsula. Puntarenas is one of the most important tourist regions of Costa Rica. Its coasts are decked by plenty of islands, inlets, beaches and beautiful natural treasures, which makes Puntarenas a tourist destiny by excellence. Its territory offers a wide range of attractions supported by the sun and the beach, which are complemented with protected zones, continental and insular areas.

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This spectacular area very close to the Central Valley, a two-hours drive, 120 kms away from the capital. Puntarenas City is its principal center, nice for stopovers, distribution, scale and excursion. Hotels and cabins near the sea, and the well known all-included packages prevail in it’s touristical development. The other tourist centers are Tambor, and potentially. Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Preserve, and San Lucas, Chira, Tortuga and Coco’s Islands stand out. Although is geographically out of the Gulf, the Isla del Coco high-hierarchy attraction of the Costa Rican tourist product.

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