Taking the road to Zarcero to the north, you arrive in a region that enjoys a climate called primavera eterna (eternal spring) by local farmers. Set at an altitude of 1,700 meters, here you can enjoy refreshing mountain air and escape the summer-like heat of the lower-lying areas. Sparkling white houses with red roofs present a picturesque view against the lush green vegetation. Coffee plantations and pine forests cover the slopes of the mountains. In front of Zarcero's church is the very unusual Parque Francisco Alvardo. In 1960, gardener Evangelisto Blanco began to trim and form the bushes here into bizarre shapes. In time he and his successors created arcades, elephants, birds, rabbits, corkscrews, snakes, dancing couples, oxen - even a bull fight. Zarcero is also famous throughout the land for its peach jam and homemade cheese, which you should definitely try.
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