San Isidro de Coronado

Another side trip from Moravia takes the visitor to the six-kilometer-distant village of San Isidro de Coronado, situated at 1,500 meters above sea level. This quiet rural town was built thanks to the profits of its milk industry. The residents are especially proud of their Neo-Gothic church built in the 1930s. Local architect Teodorico Quiros used steel girders – an unusual but useful departure from tradition, which can only be applauded in this region so often plagued by earthquakes. The church is also worth visiting on account of its rich interior decorations.

San Isidro de Coronado has an additional attraction, the Instituto Clodomiro Picado Snake Farm. The University of Costa Rica carries out its research here on harmless and venomous snakes, such as the fer-de-lance (Terciopelo). You can watch the scientists as they “milk” the snakes in order to obtain the substance needed to produce antidotes to the poisonous venom, and observe the feeding of the reptiles.

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