Pattani located on the east of the Gulf of Thailand. Pattani is a small Province among the five so-called Southern Border Province. Blessed with irresistable charms, it is rich in historical singnificance worth studying, including impressive customs and traditions as well as natural scenic beauty of its streams and falls. 170 Kms. long, golden beaches along the gulf and the wonderful hospitality of the Pattani people all combine to draw thousands of visitors to the province annually.

Because of its location on the coast with two major rivers running through it, the Pattani and the Saiburi Rivers, most of the local people, not surprisingly, are engaged in agriculture and fishing. The Province boasts docking facilities for both large and small vessels. It is also in an industrial zone to produce seafood and now being developed into a center for the production of Muslim food for domestic consumption and export under the Halal specifications.

The Leng Chu Kiang Shrine:  Located within the Muang municipality of Pattani, adherents of the Lim Koh Niew Goddess in the province fashion her images in cashew nut tree (the same type of wood on which the Goddess hung herself) and place them in the shrine which is revered by both the townspeople and neighboring townships. Ceremonies to pay respect to the Goddess and a procession in her honor are held every year during February-March (3rd month of the lunar calendar)

The Krue Se Mosque (Chao Mae Kim Kor Niew Shrine), is located in Tambon Krue Se, Muang District, on Highway No. 42 (Pattani-Narathiwat) about 7 kms. from the provincial town. The mosque is of the round-pillar, brick-and-mortar style of the Middle East. The most significant aspect of the mosque is the unfinished domed roof. Legend has it that it could never be completed because of the curses placed on it by Chao Mae Lim Kor Niew. Nearby is the tomb of the Chao Mae (goddess). It is believed that the Mosque was built the reign of King Naresuan the Great (circa 1578-1599 A.D.)

The Pattani Central Mosque:  Located within the Muang Municipality of Pattani, the Pattani Central Mosque was constructed during the administration of Field Marshal Sarit Dhanarath and inaugurated on May 3, 1963. Built in the Islamic architectural style, it is the venue for praying ceremony during major Islamic days. A visit to the Central Mosque is a “must” for every visitor who should not miss the opportunity to see the great beauty of the structure.

The Talohkapor Beach:  At Tambon Talokapor, Yaring District can be reached from Pattani town by taking Highway no.42 for about 16 kms., then turning onto an asphalt road for 3 kms. to the beach. It is a scenic beach lined with shade-proving pine trees, eminently suitable for rest and recreation. A fleet of the local Korlae boats line up along the shore.

Laem Tachee:  (Tachee Cape) is also located at Tambon Talohkapor. It can be reached by land from Pattani, which is about 30 kms. always but the distance by sea is only 5 kms. The scenery is quite striking, with the sun rising out of the sea in the morning and dipping behind Pattani town in the evening.

The Saikhao Waterfall National Park:  At Tambon Khok Pho, the Khok Pho District is about 30 kms. from the provincial town of Pattani along Highway No. 409. The national park is part of the Sankalakhiri mountain range. Fertile and verdant, it is home to countless plant life worth studying. It boasts no less than three scenic waterfalls of which the Saikhao which is the most beautiful.

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