The good news is that international airport in Incheon has replaced the older Gimpo airport. Incheon is an important port. Incheon is known for its delicious seafood restaurants and busy fish markets. An excursion to Seoul should include a visit to Ganghwado Island, north of Incheon. This is where the world famous Jeondeungsa Temple is located, plus the Chamseongdan Altar, the royal tombs, the Samnang Fortress, the island fortifications and many interesting Korean temples.

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Incheon is officially the Incheon Metropolitan City, is South Korea’s third largest metropolis, after Seoul and Busan. As the largest seaport on the west coast and home to the country’s largest airport, Incheon International Airport, Incheon is South Korea’s most important transport hub. In the 21st century, Incheon has transformed into a global business hub centered around the high-tech and futuristic Songdo International City, which is home to South Korea’s tallest building, the 305m supertall Northeast Asia Trade Tower.

Human settlement at the location goes back to the Neolithic. In modern times Incheon became important because its location on an estuary made it a good harbor; when the port was founded in 1883, the city, called Jemulpo at the time had a population of only 4,700. Incheon is now home to over 2.5 million people and under the control of one of the two free economic zone authorities in Korea, aimed at attracting foreign investment; the city aims to turn itself into a financial and corporate hub along with the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority.

Incheon is regarded as part of the greater Seoul metropolitan area due to part of it bordering the capital, and the fact that the Seoul Metropolitan Subway and the Incheon Subway systems are linked. Incheon is, however, a major city in its own right and is a separate jurisdiction from Seoul.

The Incheon Subway has a single subway line serving the city. It connects to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system at Bupyeong station, and AREX line at Gyeyang station. The line has 28 stations on 29.4 km of track. The Incheon subway is operated by the Incheon Rapid Transit Corporation (IRTC).

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