West Bengal

West Bengal is located in Eastern India. The Capital City is Calcutta. Over ninety million people live in this state.

This state has amazing cultural, historical and natural attractions.

There are five national parks in West Bengal to explore and enjoy. The Gorumara National Park, The Sundarbans National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve, The Singalila National Park and the Neora Valley National Park. You can find elephants, tigers, Indian rhinoceroses, leopards, red pandas, crocodiles, the Gangetic dolphins and much, much more.

West Bengal has a lot of exciting festivals. The Durga Puga being the most popular. The new year festival Poila Baishakh and dozens more have colorful people, exciting events and wild music.

Cricket and soccer are the favorite sports, golf, and Polo in the oldest polo club in the world.

There is way to much to see in one trip. A professional guide is highly recommended here.

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