Jammu and Kashmir

Located at the very top of India, Jammu and Kashmir are nestled in the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. There is an ongoing dispute between Pakistan, China and India over this paradise once favored by the Mugal Emperor Jahangir. The beautiful Shalimar Gardens were built for his wife Nu Jahan.

The Srinagar is where they call the capital in the warm summers. They move the capital to Jammu in the winter months.

Ladakh is called “Little Tibet” and is famous for all its Buddhist Temples and culture.

Kashmir Valley is known the world over for its incredible scenery, towering mountain backdrop and Hindo shrines. Jammu is a very popular place for Hindu pilgrims to visit.

Arigraculture is the main source of income in this region; however tourism is very important too.

Gulmarg is a great ski resort destination and has the highest golf course in the world.

This state has a great cultural heritage with festivals, dances, fabulous art and handicrafts. Punjabi festivals are renowned for their excitement, music and entertainments.

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